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The Twin Bite Corrector

The basic skeletal relationship must be such as when (or after) mandibular and maxillary teeth are correctly positioned, above mentioned other objectives can be attained. Otherwise, skeletal corrections or even orthognathic surgery must be integrated in the treatment plan.


The Twin Bite™ is recognized as an excellent appliance when the treatment plan encompasses a change in mandibular growth.


The Twin Bite™ was developed in order to favor condylar growth without fixing the mandible in a protruded position. It allows applying a light and continuous force.


The Twin Bite ™:

- allows different types of mandibular expansion movements,

- does not compress the TMJ,

- does not extrude the mandibular incisors,

- intrudes the maxillary molars,

- intrudes the maxillary incisors,

- prevent a lingual version of the mandibular incisors,

- does not extrude the mandibular molars,

- minimizes the version of the maxillary molars,

- contributes to the correction of the middle point,

- does not need any cooperation from the patient.


The following case illustrates a growth modification by a proper use of the Twin Bite™.


Treatment start November 2001
In treatment September 2002
After removal and retention August 2004


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