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The Nitanium Molar Rotator is a shape-memory Quad Helix; which allows it to work in a continuous way, without any activation.



The NMR is available in 10 sizes kits, from 26 mm to 44 mm.

Selection of the right size is made by adding 2 mm to the palatal distance between right and left maxillary first molars sheaths.

When severe endoalveolitis is present, 3 to 4 mm can be added (maximum).

Once the proper size has been selected, install the appliance in the mouth: cool the NMR with a freezing spray, the device will become very soft and will be easily inserted into the palatal sheaths of the bands. As a safety precaution, and for the patient's comfort sake, I tie it with elastomeric separators (see photos).


• Easy to operate, especially when using a freezing spray. Distal ends will insert easily into molar sheaths

• Precision expansion (millimetric), regular continuous action

• Nice molar expansion

• Nice mesio-buccal rotation of the molars

• Good torque control

• Relatively quick results (3 to 5 months)


• After 8 years using the Nitanium Molar Rotator, results are very satisfactory. However, care must be exercised in hyperdivergent cases (slight trend to extrusion).

• Some rare cases of hyperactive gag reflexes did not accept the NMR, I had to remove it.

• Special attention must be paid to oral hygiene; fibrous food can become entwined with the NMR and must be removed by the practitioner.

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