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The orthodontic world is moving forward and so does the technology for our treatments. Since the introduction of self-ligating brackets, several systems were presented by their respective designers.

Two main kinds:
- active brackets
- passive brackets (Damon & Carriere)

The Carriere LX bracket (passive self-ligating bracket) is available in .018 and .022 slots in the Roth and MBT (McLaughlin, Bennett, Trevisi) prescriptions, depending on the practitioner's preferences. Exploring its technical features is not our goal; the provider will do it better, with greater accuracy. Nevertheless, we can describe a streamlined bracket, globally aesthetic, with a good comfort for the patient.

Torque-in-base, with a micro-etched base offering a proper bonding surface, we will have a nice bond strength, accuracy and good control all along the treatment.

As a practitioner, what can the Carriere LX do for me?
- It is quick and simple to use.
- Its locking mechanism (slide) does not require any special instrument, just an explorer or even your finger tip.
- For opening, an explorer will suffice.

These features enable quick and easy archwires changes in predetermined sequencing (please refer to Dr. Carriere's recommendations).

Like in any straight wire system, a good follow-up protocol is mandatory. Proper arch sequencing and low friction ensure a reduced treatment duration and a better performance.

At the present time, with only one year of experience with the Carriere LX, we can not estimate treatment duration with any accuracy, but our first comparisons with 24 months conventional brackets treatments point to a 6 to 8 months gain.
So, the system combines quality clinical results to enhanced chair-side efficiency.
On the other hand, from this low-friction passive system with low-force levels, we can - when necessary - switch to an active system for the end of the treatment.

Thus, stainless steel archwires with metal ligatures can be inserted.

This system is versatile and - as stated by its designer, Dr. Luis Carriere - "nothing is cast in stone".

With time, we noticed that the occlusal opening of the slide prevents two problems:
- no abutment on the gingiva (hygiene)
-  risks to adjacent teeth are minimized


Special tip  :
Should a slide jam - mainly when opening (for example with calculus), apply a small amount of etching on the slide; wait for 10 to 15 seconds, then rinse. Normally, the slide will unfreeze and be able to be moved again.
This tip is from Dr. Carriere, who also insists on allowing the arch sufficient time to work in the mouth. A major mistake in practitioners being premature arch changes.

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